UPDATE – 4/25/15

Darlings! Gentlemen! Kings! Queens!

Hello to all of you! First things first; This is an update made for the cool people who are following this mad man’s site where I spew my diatribe, the occasional rarity where I’m jolly good fellow or where I breathe rainbows and unicorns (aka being a fanboy) towards something I like way too darn much. Oh, and if you are someone who just stumbled upon this magnificent land of mental instability as a result of bad luck then welcome. Check my other posts if you think my writing fancies you. Okay, Okay, I promise I won’t plug anything anymore.

I lied.

Yeah, I’m the worst person in the universe. However, I do have to plug this; I wrote an article for the video game website “Game / Sleep / Respawn” about the entire paid mods ordeal that Valve came up with after an incident that could’ve only happened after a hardcore LSD trip. Actually, scratch that, if they actually did that they would’ve known that it was a horrible idea and probably would’ve known that removing donation links and the like being even worse. So yeah, check it out, I think you’ll enjoy it and just check the site in general!

As for what I’m doing now for this site; I’m re-writing one of my older reviews for the spooky, scary skeleton game known as Jimmy’s Unstoppable Camera and the Naked Psychopaths… I mean Outlast. It’s a good game, but my negativity, of course, just as always, shines through the dark sky. That should be done whenever I decided to not be lazy or stop being busy. I’m also playing through Dragon Age Origins for the millionth time as a sarcastic Asian mage named Dancing Child. I’m having fun with that at the moment, although I think I’m going to stop playing for a while because I want to review something that I didn’t review a year ago. Sure, I could review something such as the game I’m playing and having fun being the worst best sarcastic mage ever seen, but I don’t think I’m actually experienced enough to review a game alike to it.

Shh, just let me watch c:<

Shh, just let me watch c:<

Even if I could, the game we are talking about here is enormous. I truly don’t want to write a review that is about 10,000 words long. I seriously don’t want to do that at this moment, although I’m sure some people would like to see that. The older spectrum of video game interests me a little more at the moment. I want to review something like Gunstar heroes or Amplitude; That’s just to give an example anyways. I’ll figure it out, although I’ve also been thinking about adding movie reviews as a type of article that’ll show up on the site. Not new movies mind you! But rather movies that no one in the entire world knows about or just awful unusual flicks that can be fun to watch with friends or just avoid entirely. I see it being fun!
Regardless, thanks for reading this long rant about what has happened in the last couple of days and why I haven’t written an article for the site in longer than a week. Toodles!


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