GameStop Will Start Offering Retro-Games and Consoles

I’m an avid fan of retro gaming; That’s mostly due to heaps of games in the last couple of years not being exactly the utmost enjoyable products I’ve suffered through. Sure, there’s quite a bit of excellent games been released in the last couple of years, but my tastes being as brutal as they are, cause that to be ridiculously difficult. So as a result, I reach to the era of those older games where the developers were driven to focus on making the video game part of the video game entertaining instead of polishing the edges of an incredibly shiny, high-resolution apple with two diminutive worms coming out of it. Is not any sense of nostalgia or something alike either; I’m rather young so that nostalgia surely wouldn’t extend itself further than the PlayStation 1.

But as every single retro-gamer knows is that trying to buy older games can be rather expensive if you want a physical copy. If you don’t care and want a digital copy consequently thanks to that you can find any game you want legally for usually great prices, be it on a Nintendo console or Sony’s Black Bricks. So, long story short; The magnificent store that takes seven hundred of your games and gives you twenty cents in total and that’s if they are in perfect condition, that goes by the name of GameStop is soon to sell retro games.

A store as mainstream as this, selling retro games sounds freaking fantastic. That is of course until the idea of the prices these games would go for appears in your pulsating brain. Let’s think about this for a second, if there’s a character who will run out of their way to sell an older game that can be seen for a hefty price at GameStop; How much would GameStop charge for something comparable to that? Let’s say that the game is something such as EarthBound which is currently $180 on amazon; Knowing the company’s history I sure as hell would doubt that they would display it for a reasonable price. If they do sell at that “reasonable price” it would be radical and I would support this idea. The initial phase of this idea is starting in the NYC and Birmingham markets (250 stores) at April 25.

What do you think about this whole idea? Do you think the idea of a company this big selling older games instead of just throwing them away sound great or do you think it’s a horrible idea? If so please let me know below as I’m always curious to hear everyone’s thoughts!



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