Mortal Kombat X DLC Problems

I can’t go an entire month without being captivated to speak about a sort of DLC Controversy. This is the third time that I’m writing a rant about both DLC and Mortal Kombat X. As I’ve stated previously in the other articles (Which you can read here and here) I genuinely dislike DLC. Not by the virtue of the idea, the idea of DLC is actually something that I have always been excited as a result that I know that it could be done exceptionally if it’s something that enhances the content by a large margin. Such examples could refer to the “Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (Shivering Isles)” or just the majority of the expansions released by Bethesda. I love that quite a bit, but that’s sadly the minority. Whoever is actually responsible for stuff such as five dollar color swaps that plenty games offered for free decades ago or those fantastic five dollar packs that do something so ridiculously useless you will likely wonder who in the almighty soul of Zeus’ gigantic thunderstrike would actually acquire something like this.

If you didn’t hear the recent news; the brand new sparkling and shiny game that just released by the name of Mortal Kombat X has an awfully charming and unbelievable piece of DLC. It’s honestly one of the dumbest products I’ve seen in a while; Hell, the last memory of something DLC related that actually made me laugh as much as this was when I saw developers / publishers are selling “The Real Ending” as a product. This gave me the giggles just due to this being something you would identify not too long ago as a cheat code that the developers included in the game so you screw around with it. Starting at the low, low price of one dollar and moving on to five entire pesos you could buy yourself a few easy fatalities. I’m not joking when you read the words “A five dollar DLC allows you to perform 30 fatalities incredibly easy and for one dollar you can do five of them incredibly easy“.

I can already hear a mouth open and closing while saliva covers their screen; “Oh! If you don’t want it bro, don’t buy it, vote with your wallet and stuff”. There’s only one way I can actually put this; I exactly don’t have the biggest amount of confidence and hope when it regards other people not supporting idiotic practices. There’s plenty of recorded cases where people do nothing and an awfully modest amount of people who manage to change something. This is what worries me, they’re people who will proceed to support lousy business practices like there’s no tomorrow as a result of “Hey why the hell, not amirite”? If this is proven to actually earn money (which it is) they will keep on doing these practices. Sure, granted this DLC that just sprung out to the world isn’t the worst DLC that I’ve seen released, but this just solidifies the idea that the industry is en route to worse things. If you need any evidence about this; Just consider the transformation of the Expansion pack in the marvelous days of old-school PC gaming to present day and tell me something didn’t go wrong during that period.

What about you; Do you think that this is just dumb or just don’t care? Whatever you think leave some feedback down below. I’m curious to see what people think about all this. Have a good day!


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