My Thoughts On The Pillars Of Eternity Controversy

Back around September 2012; The developer Obsidian started a Kick-Starter campaign for the video game “Pillars of Eternity”. A game that is essentially supposed to be a modern Infinity Engine video game. Obviously, with the record of the developers and nostalgia the Kick-Starter was incredibly successful. The campaign obtained more than double of their 1 million goal.

Where am I going with this?

Well, one of the donation rewards was to able to write something in a memorial for $500 with some other goodies. One person came in and wrote a joke about a “trap”. To quickly explain what that is for the people that don’t know. It is a man who dresses like a woman and very effeminate in appearance. The joke itself was immature, but still worth a light chuckle. That is of course unless your sensitivities are very vulnerable and can’t deal with it unless you complain about it. That is what twitter user @icequeenerika did once she found the memorial in with the previously mentioned joke. She complained at Obsidian saying that the memorial was a demonstration of “trans-misogyny”. After the tweet, a very vocal minority joined her in this venture by sharing and complaining to Obsidian on twitter furiously by virtue of fear that anyone got their feelings hurt.


Then, alike to a solid snake the joke is removed with the backer’s consent and hilariously enough the backer replaced the joke with something that’s actually hilarious. But I still feel quite bothered by this; Censorship is never the solution. Seriously, censoring any medium of art is just one of the worst ideas you can have. Specially if you are bowing down to a very whiny and vocal minority. Thanks to this event, a great deal of gamers are complaining about Obsidian’s actions (Including myself) and a lot of these gamers mentioned that they are going to boycott the game. For an event like this, I definitely comprehend why would you do this; I personally would still purchase the game because is not like they included some heavy handed ideologues into the game. But there’s a statement I constantly hear when an event such as this comes up and honestly bothers me quite a bit.

“I’m going to boycott the developers / publisher because of this”

To be blatantly honest, this one of the stupidest things you could ever do plain and simple. Why in Zeus’ almighty thunderous, raging, hell-raising, universal world would you even consider this idea? Even if the company has a gigantic track record that without dispute is universally known to be the worst company in the world; If they do something right, why would you not support this?  You are just teaching the company as consumers that it doesn’t matter what they do you will never be happy with them. What’s the company’s going to learn from something like this? Absolutely nothing, but if you give them the feedback that if they did something correct by supporting them. Companies know what sells better, so if the games that were excluded of bad practices or anything related sold more, they will hopefully pick up a clue.

What do you think about this whole ordeal? Do you agree or do you think people should ban the whole deal just for one single game? Leave any feedback or opinion below!  Also if you’d like some more information about the whole ordeal you could check this out reddit thread out for that.


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts On The Pillars Of Eternity Controversy

  1. I think a joke about sleeping with someone who turned out to be a man and killing yourself for it is funny and has no direct attack against anyone. Most straight men including myself aren’t fond of the idea of bedding a man or someone who was once a man, it just doesn’t agree with us. The joke is funny but not at anyone’s expense, I think someone was being too touchy and refused to read deeper beyond “AH MY FEELINGS HOW DARE YOU SCOUNDREL, BOYCOTTED”.

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    • Yeah, definitely agree. The joke was completely harmless and very chuckle-worthy. Sadly, people feel that they are entitled to anything if they get offended and in fear of people complaining even more (which they are still going to do, even with the removed joke they are still complaining) the receiving end bows down to their wishes.


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