Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Finally Gets A Trailer!

I am going to be honest as soon as I viewed the “SMT X Fire Emblem” trailer I was actually awfully excited. The game looks incredibly interesting and there is a lot of stuff that seems really fun. But I find myself having trouble calling this an SMT game much less and a fire emblem title; As defining elements from both series seem to be nonexistent.

The exceedingly obvious is the anime overdrive that the game went into. The series are known for lack of a better word to be a lot darker. Hell, even the persona series looks a whole less anime than this game. I got something that I did not expect, but in all honesty, I am open to the idea. Although I am sure this question would be acknowledged later in the future, I am still compelled to ask it.

What is exactly the connection to Fire Emblem here?

I clearly notice all the SMT influence in the trailer. The game just resembles a more “Kawaii desu! ~” Version of Persona. But what about the Fire Emblem? All I could obverse from the video was that it was somewhat related to some characters that at first glance seemed like they belonged in a flamboyant remake of Final Fantasy 6, but that was really it. Regardless though I am still super excited about this game and cannot wait until it comes out.


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