Green Lantern Fan Fiction Getting Published

It seems that in July The Green Lantern is joining forces with the powers of Star Trek. Sincerely, that is very hilarious. Consider this for a second; This sounds similar to an awfully absurd fan-fiction made by a colossal nerd akin to myself somewhere on the internet. As a matter of a fact, let’s look it up on for the hell of it.

Huh, that is interesting, I only found one fan-fiction, and it was about Star Trek Voyager. But regardless, this is not the first time the comic world has gone and done crossovers like these. albeit I have not read it, one of my favorite ends us being Freddy vs Jason vs Ash. Yes, that is an actual comic; A crossover among Jason from the Friday The 13th, Freddy from A Nightmare on Elm Street and Ash from the Evil Dead.

I’m sincerely not the biggest enthusiast of both Green Lantern or Star Trek, but not as a result of me not enjoying them or anything like that. Hell, both of those series seem freaking wonderful, but I have not actually bothered to watch / read anything about them. But as a clueless non-fan, It seems wonderful! I presume that fans of both series might actually end up enjoying this.


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