My Experiences Playing IMVU

This is not the first time I decided to play this 3D chat, world, game software. Along the years, I played the game several times. The first being a couple of years ago when I wasn’t exactly the most mature person in both mentality and age. My time during that time was fun, but when I think about it;  I was a stupid child so I exactly wouldn’t (and don’t) trust the memories made by my younger self.

A couple of years later we grew bored with playing around with the usual so after a conversation I can’t remember anything about; We went and downloaded the game. Short story made even shorter; He ended up dressed up as a gangster with an incredibly loud shooting sound effect and joined tons of  rooms spamming that until people got salty and we got booted (If I remember correctly anyways).

Now again with the same friend; We decided to explore the world of MMOs and after a remarkably “complete” search for “less than desirable” games done by me; We kinda gave up. I had the horrible idea to tackle one of the virtual chat room spaces and I ended up crawling back towards this game. Not due to having a special place in my dark, cold, lifeless heart or anything like that. Is just the cringiest online chatroom that I know of besides Second Life of course.

IMVU Picture
After making what seems like a perfect trio that just screams that it needs to be made into a boy band; We have a skinny, fit and very metro-sexual man dressed up as some sort of bizarre parallel universe interpretation of Hitler, an androgynous man with an Australian accent displaying one their multiple personalities from a crowd of them. And then there’s me; A very “up-front” man dressed up as a very “touchy and classy” woman with a wardrobe that reaches three entire solar systems.

With this hilarious trio I like to call K-Sync (The K stands for Kawaii) we marched forward to the mysterious world of special snowflakes and swagger. At first nothing of value came up, just a bunch of a people dressing up as anthropomorphic animals that came in various flavors. Everything from foxes, dogs, and platypuses. For a while, everything was rather boring until we talked about something (I genuinely can’t recall what). Then this dude / dudette wrote a two paragraph insult directed towards one of the crew members (something about a mother and sister).

The fantastic metro-sexual Hitler sadly parted after that; Leaving me and the Australian Furry to venture into this dangerous world. Minutes of searching ensued just to find the perfect room we could jump into. I can’t remember the order of events, but I do remember them which is what’s important. We entered another room where furries seemed to have infected.

IMVU Wallpaper

As soon as my eyes peeked into the chat box at the bottom I couldn’t help, but just shiver in fear of what these people were doing. Don’t misunderstand me! It wasn’t something horrible or that people were saying just saying the worst sentences ever written. It was just plain idiotic and for lack of a better word “BLERGH”.

All I saw was nothing more than (As my friend called it) “furry flurting“. Just a bunch of random folk with some rather “unique” interests role-playing as anthropomorphic anime characters with ADHD. It was interesting to just sit in silence and read conversations that are usually reserved for a more personal and private place.

Later that day; A fellow lad that wasn’t part of the temporary duo wrote “#cut4Zayn“. We of course decided to join him in the venture by referring various subjects about that matter. One of the members in the room wrote something along the lines of “DONT TALK ABOUT CUTTING HERE!” multiple times.

IMVU Screenshot

I decided to relate that to the act of cutting trees up; As if Zayn were some type of rare tree in the backstreet of Derbyshire fifty years ago. I decided to keep going, but I left the majority of my statements rather vague. Almost all of the messages I posted were similar to this “I cut tons of wool to create shirts“. Even with these obviously inflammatory, but yet innocent statements; It raised the levels of salt being poured. At the end of the whole ordeal, I got myself kicked to none’s surprise.

I rampaged through the list of chat rooms and found myself with a Skype room. Since myself and the beautiful Australian furry were talking through Skype; We decided to jump in hope that a sad sap with the need for some virtual penetration would add us (Our characters are smoking hot… I promise).

We decided to interchange the Skype name we would give out. So the character he had would give out my Skype id and vice-versa. After a lackluster attempt at effort, I was sent a friend request. It was vague and the messages I received were short. Nothing too revealing about the personality of the person.

IMVU Wallpaper Picture Screenshot

That was until the man decided to (very quickly I might add) ask for a call. The innocent side that I assume is being kept alive by machines somewhere in my mind said; “Hey, maybe he wants friends“; That was of course until I opened my claptrap with my deep voice. Nothing, but the silence of my room was present. That is until the man opened his mouth and laughed awkwardly for about five minutes straight.

Then also very awkwardly proceeded to talk about the video game war-frame for about 10 minutes in a loop until he left for “lunch” and immediately deleted us. It was mildly amusing, heh; That’s how I’d probably describe this entire post.

An entire day passes and this is where the video takes place. Nothing much besides what you can view in the video actually happened. It was just something that we decided to do. We probably ruined the day of a bunch of furries and we also probably made some of the less sensitive ones have a laugh. Getting mad at people who do the stuff we did is pointless. Sure, we are having a laugh at the expense of others, but what says you can’t join and laugh at us?


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